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Cultural Sustainability Assessment 

The first step in supporting cultural sustainability

Service Description

Is your community or the one you serve going through rapid change? Are signifigant aspects of cultural identity diminishing? How sustainable is your community's local culture? What resources does it have to secure culturally significant practices for future generations? By participating in a cultural sustainability assessment, communities can explore the primary sources of local cultural sustainability and identify strengths and weaknesses in their sustainability. After a cultural sustainability assessment has been conducted, community stakeholders can create informed cultural sustainability strategies.


Objective of a Cultural Sustainability Assessment Report: To identify and document assets of cultural sustainability in a community. From the report, strengths and risks in the sustainability of community culture are examined, supportive projects can be developed, and cultural sustainability monitored.


Deliverables in a cultural sustainability assessment report:

  • Based on cultural sustainability indicators, identify cultural sustainability indicators unique to your community

  • Comprehensive report analyzing the strengths and weaknesses in community cultural sustainability

  • Documentaiton of local cultural resources to build upon

  • Tangible data reflecting cultural sustainability

  • Visuals representing data for use in community development

  • A summary of findings and what it means for your community’s cultural sustainability

  • Data visuals for a profile of a community’s cultural sustainability


Benefits of a cultural sustainability report:

  • Inform equitable sustainability projects that builds on already present community values

  • Tangible data for use in community engagement as well as funder and donor buy in

  • Monitor project success and how they are impacting community culture

  • Identify your community's cultural sustainability goals for its future

  • Initial assessment report has lasting value for continued monitoring of community cultural sustainability.

Get in touch to see if a cultural sustainability assessment can help you meet your goals.

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