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I'm dedicated to collaborating with cultural communities to design tools and strategies for sustaining culture. My focus is in raising awareness of and increasing access to cultural sustainability practices locally and globally. My expertise is in cultural sustainability assessment and developing customized ethnographic tools for meeting community’s unique cultural context. In partnership with communities and local organizations, Jenna conducts field research, guides fieldworker data collection, conducts assessments, and provides strategic advice for applying cultural sustainability practices as a source of sustainable community development and adaptive resilience.

Jenna obtained her master’s degree in cultural sustainability from Goucher College in 2018. In the years since, I’ve continued independent research to further develop the cultural sustainability indicators and hone the assessment process. A paper describing each indicator and its importance to cultural sustainability has been submitted to the journal of Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development and is currently being reviewed for publishing. I’ve given presentations on her work at international sustainability conferences, the American Folklore Society annual conference, and have participated as a guest speaker on international panels discussing social justice and sustainability.



Goucher College


Savannah College of Art and Design


Master of Arts in Cultural Sustainability                                                                                                                            

  • MA Thesis title: “Cultural Sustainability Assessment Through the Development of Cultural Sustainability Indicators”, Accompanying Paper and Toolkit

  • Julia Rogers Research Award

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

  • Concentration in Visual Storytelling   

Measuring Sustainable Development


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