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Monitoring Cultural Vitality

Monitor and Safeguard Culturally Signifigant Practices

Service Description

After a cultural vitality profile has been established for monitoring, community stakeholders can create informed strategies for their sustainability.


Objective of a Cultural Vitality Report: To identify culturally signifigant practices distinct to your community for monitoring their vitality over time.


Deliverables in a cultural sustainability assessment report:

  • Identify distinct cultural practices unique to your community

  • Documentaiton of local cultural resources to build upon

  • Tangible data monitoring the vitality of each each practice

  • Visuals for use in community development and meeting stakeholder goals

  • A summary of findings and what they mean for overall cultural sustainability

  • A cultural vitality profile for monitoring cultural practices and sustainability over time


Benefits of a cultural vitality report:

  • Identifying and inventorying signifigant cultural practices for safeguarding

  • Tangible data for use in community engagement as well as funder and donor buy in

  • Monitor project success and how they are impacting community culture

  • Identify your community's cultural sustainability goals for its future

  • Data for continued monitoring of community cultural practices and sustainability

Get in touch to see if a Monitoring Cultural Vitality report can help you meet your goals.

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