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Cultural Sustainability Consulting

Nurture, Revitalize, Sustain

Why I Started
Consulting in
Cultural Sustainability 

Consulting gives me the opportunity to work with a broad range of communities and experts in fulfilling my passion to create a lasting, positive impact in cultural sustainability. I believe the best way to approach cultural sustainability is in collaboration with communities to customize tools and strategies to their own unique cultural contexts and cultural sustainability goals.

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About Me


My interest in cultural sustainability developed during international travel. During those years I immersed myself in diverse cultures, only glimpsing other ways of being but recognizing their value, beauty, and importance. I also witnessed first hand the intrusive forces that can interrupt local cultures in an increasingly interconnected world.  After coming back to the United States, I began an internship at an organization that advocates for cultural rights, and was introduced to a community of advocates that not only sustain culture but, inspiringly, revitalize lost cultural practices. Through them I found the cultural sustainability program at Goucher College and a purpose I could devote a career to.

I have become dedicated to collaborating with cultural communities in designing tools and strategies for sustaining culture. Services I provide revolve around research and development of cultural sustainability indicators and exploring their applications in different goals.My focus is in raising awareness of and increasing access to cultural sustainability practices locally and globally. My expertise is in cultural sustainability assessment and designing customized ethnographic tools for meeting communites unique cultural contexts. In partnership with communities and local organizations, I conduct field research, guide fieldworker data collection, conduct assessments, and provides strategic advice for applying cultural sustainability practices as a source of sustainable community development and resilience.


I consult a diverse group of constituents and clients interested in applying cultural sustainability practices in their work. Cultural sustainability practices benefit communities, advocacy and cultural organizations, sustainable development initiatives, community conscious businesses, researchers, fieldworkers, and more. Explore how incorporating cultural sustainability into your goals can support mission success.  I offer in person and remote opportunities to engage in cultural sustainability. Services are primarily fee-for-service and fall into four main categories:

Cultural Sustainability Assessment
 A Capacity-Centered Approach

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In collaboration with clients and the communities they serve, we design and conduct an assessment to identify, document, evaluate, and safeguard local assets of cultural sustainability. 

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Tradition Sustainability Assessment

Colorful Threads

Gathering artists and practitioners together for collective insights on how to sustainably steward their traditional practice forward.

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Cultural Sustainability Impact Assessment

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How will a new development impact the local culture's sustainability? A cultural sustainability impact assessment reveals how and where a new development will impact the sources of a community's cultural sustainability.

Strategic Planning with Cultural Sustainability

All Hands In

Would your project, initiative, or organization benefit from adding a cultural sustainability lens to it? Incorporating cultural sustainability into your strategy contributes to a holistic approach that customizes your work to a community's cultural context.

Interested in bringing cultural sustainability expertise to your project or organization? Please contact me for more information on fees, options, and opportunities! If I don't have the specific cultural sustainability service you're looking for, I probably know someone who does, so don't hesitate to reach out!

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